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Build great relationships with your customers

The world-class features of Teambit helps your team stay connected with your customers by making communication easy and effective.

Best Help Desk Software For Small Businesses

Teambit is an adaptable customer support system that helps small businesses build long-lasting relationships with customers.

A Dynamic Support System

Ticket reports that shows clear picture

Helping Customers At The Time Of Need

Enhance your help desk with third party integrations

A Dynamic Support System That Never Fails To Impress

The powerful support system lets you assign agents and sort queries of your customers. With Teambit you can also create a Ticket Priority list so that no request goes unanswered.

Our dynamic support system helps teams connect with customers more actively. No matter where you are, how your team is operating- Teambit makes sure that each and every customer request reaches you on time. Our designed system is fast, efficient and tested against all odds. You can be a small team located in a remote town or a large multinational firm, Teambit's smart and intuitive interface will help your business outgrow leaps and bounds. The dynamic support system is the most powerful tool of Teambit. And it is as simple to operate as it seems.

Email Management Made Easy

Just a simple login will connect Teambit with your Gmail, Outlook or any email software and give you a similar user experience as of an Inbox. Teambit gives you the perfect help desk to attend customers more actively.

Mentions On Your Twitter and Facebook Will Never Go Unnoticed

Your Twitter and Facebook account tells you a lot about your business. Teambit is smart enough to alert you about your mentions. See what people are talking about you and how you can help them. Finding customers was never so easy.

Assigning Support Ticket To Experts

Teambit’s smart and interactive features lets you assign tickets to anyone in your team. This way there is no confusion as everyone knows what they are expected to do. Team collaborates better with Teambit.

System Reporting That Shows A Bigger Picture

Customize your data and create ticket reports that shows you the bigger picture. Easy-to-understand reports that help you stay on top of the most important online customer support metrics.

The new and advanced reporting of Teambit gives you every single detail of your agents. Compare performances, analyze data and create strategies that work wonders for your business. From telling you how many tickets are resolved to what number remains pending, nothing slips through the cracks.

Ask your helpdesk for visual data

Use plain words to ask your helpdesk what you want to know. You can ask questions like “how many tickets were reopened last month” or “which customer has the most number of unresolved tickets today” and your helpdesk will pull up the number along with a trend graph.

Intuitive Reporting Helps Your Team Improve

With easy to understand stats and direct reporting, you can track both your customers and agents with a single click. Teambit customizes your data and create ticket reports that shows you what needs to be handled. Improve your customer service and your team’s performance by planning ahead of time with a smart reporting system.

A Knowledge base with 24/7 Support System For Your Customers

Save your customer’s time and get fewer emails with the Knowledge Base feature of Teambit. This 24/7 support system answers customer queries instantly.

Help your customers with a progressive and well-designed knowledge base that works as their personal support system all the time. Customer never feels alone even when your customer support team is not around. So whether you’re having a busy day or your agents are unavailable, you never leave a customer unhappy.

Save Time and Work More

Save up time sending your canned replies for frequently asked questions and attend more customers in less time.

Immediate Answers Keeps Customer Happy

Finding support in the time of need matters the most and gives customers an assurance that they are not working alone.

Offering Support On Every Device

To fulfill the user-experience, your Knowledge Base is designed differently for every device. This way, whether your customers are on laptops or iPads, they find answers easily.

Your Personal Touch To The System

Teambit’s customizable features give your Knowledge Base a more a personal feel. With the brand logo on the side and the option to choose from 12 different languages, customers always know it's you.

Third Party Integration

Now you can easily integrate apps like Slack, Hipchat, Zapier and more to your helpdesk

Third Party Help Desk Integretions


Chat for teams


Customer Live Chat


Chat for teams


Customer Live Chat






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Email Marketing
Empower your customer support team with Teambit.

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